How Digital Optimization Leads to Tire Recycling

In episode 119 of the Energy Transition Solutions podcast, host Joe Batir talks with Vibhu Sharma, CEO of InnoVent Technology and InnoVent Renewables. They discuss how InnoVent Technology develops digital twins and process optimization and how that led to the spin-off company, InnoVent Renewables, which produces products through tire pyrolysis. Specific topics discussed include:

  • How do you think about process optimization?
  • What are the challenges with building a digital twin?
  • How did this process optimization lead to InnoVent Renewables?
  • What is pyrolysis?
  • Why tires?
  • How many used tires are discarded annually?
  • How do you scale a new technology?

Vibhu’s book recommendation: Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

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