Driving renewable energy forward


InnoVent Renewables

Driving renewable energy forward

InnoVent Renewables is a U.S.-based technology and operations company with a proprietary continuous pyrolysis technology that converts waste tires, plastics, and biomass into valuable fuels and chemicals. Our process leverages high temperature thermal decomposition of tires and biomass in the absence of oxygen. Our initial focus is conversion of waste tires into high value products.

We have assembled a team of world class executives each with more than 25 years of energy and chemical industry experience, supported by a diverse team of senior advisors. We currently have operations in Houston, USA, Pune, India, and Monterrey, Mexico.

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Renewable Solutions for Waste Tires

  • Each year more than 1 billion tires are disposed of that end up in landfills globally, and North America alone disposes of 100+ million tires annually.
  • Decomposition of tires is slower than other waste in landfills resulting in a serious health hazard (mosquitos, pests, water borne diseases, and chemical leaching into soil).
  • Burning tires in pits or cement kilns is far more hazardous than landfills as it emits toxic emissions in the air. There needs to be a better solution! Current methods of recycling tires include batch pyrolysis or direct burning, which are highly inefficient and often add to emissions.


Pyrolysis Technology

  • Tire IconInnoVent Renewables, in collaboration with a world renowned research facility, has developed a continuous pyrolysis technology that processes waste tires into valuable renewable fuels and high value petrochemicals.
  • Recycle iconOur products attract carbon credits and carbon offsets as global demand increases for circular products and environmentally conscientious manufacturing to address waste.
  • car iconOur products include high quality renewable pyrolysis oil (PyOil), aromatics, circular/recovered carbon black (rCB), and steel wire.
  • Fuel iconPyOil, can be sold as fuel oil, off-road diesel, or used as a feedstock to crude blending, and contains a high percentage of valuable aromatic compounds which can be further extracted and sold at higher margins.
Landfill with old tires and tires for recycling.


Millions of Waste Tires

Each year, humans dispose of more than 1 billion tires that end up in landfills all over the world.